Friday, December 8, 2017

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 5

Today, we started out our day by going to “Church on the Rock.” It was awesome how they praised God and how you can see the joy of the Lord on each of their faces. I was able to hold hands with a Haitian and pray over each other. Every member of our team also prayed with a Haitian. After our morning routine of breakfast and devotion, we went to the Mass Graves as we were headed to Grace Village. It is such a beautiful memorial to the devastation caused by the January 12, 2010 earthquake. We spent some time walking around and heard the experience of the earthquake from one of our Haitian guides. After that, we went up to Grace Village. We met Don and Carolyn Pugh and enjoyed a wonderful tour by Don. It was a tour that told us the history of Grace Village as well as what is current. He also took time to point out some of the landmarks across the ocean, such as Cite Soleil and the airport. After the tour, we sat and chatted with Don in the missionary guest house and enjoyed learning more about Grace Village. The most interesting news was that the water at Grace Village is drinkable for anybody due to a new filtering system combined with the fact that it is directly from a well. I drank some of the water, and it was good. After our tour, we headed into Titanyen and visited 4 elders. We were able to wash the elder’s feet, massage their arms and necks and backs with lotion, and spend some time worshiping with them and praying for them. I was stretched out of my comfort zone by massaging and applying lotion to one of the elder’s arms. I am glad that I did it and definitely grew in service. After visiting the elders, we headed back to Grace Village. I was then able to have time to fellowship and enjoy playing with the children there. I was surrounded by children as I sat at the bottom of a slide. Even though I couldn’t understand a word they said, we still had lots of fun. I even tried to play tag with them! To end our day, we went to Fleri Resto and ate delicious pizza (probably the best I have ever had!). We also received a tour of Fleri Bakery. Fleri means flourish and it is amazing to see how they are impacting the community. We rode home on the tap tap with full bellies dodging lots of traffic. Overall, it was a day filled with God’s mercies. Today, I grew in so many different ways with the elders, the children, and with the team. -Austin

Today was a busy day, but a successful day. We got to visit the memorial of the earthquake, Grace Village, and see the elders. The memorial was overwhelming, as there were between 150,000 and 300,000 bodies buried there. Grace Village is an absolute miracle! God has really used the land and the people for His glory and for His purpose. Visiting the elders was truly amazing, as we got to wash each of their feet and pray over them. I am amazed at their strong faith in the Lord, and the hope they have that something better is coming. It has sure shown me how my thinking needs to change! Please continue to pray for our strength to continue these next few days! -Sidney