Sunday, September 16, 2018

Day 7 : Rendezvous Church (Teen Challenge) : Mountain Top ( Serenity Village Community Church )

Day 7

Another day PACKED with expectations, emotions, thoughts, going through our heads. We have had the privilege to spend a week in one of the many beautiful countries God created. Our hearts, minds, and bodies have been stretch, pulled, pushed, broken, mended. Everything in one week. 

Today we got the opportunity to attend Rendez-Vous Christ (Haiti Teen Challenge) Church. I cannot stress enough how important this organization is for the Haitians! Believe it or not, there are parts of the world where is hard to find someone that can model what unconditional, Christ-like love is towards others. Even if you know you experience this at your local church. Man... Is a whole new level to get to be part of God's love in a foreign land, with brothers and sisters that before today I wasn't aware of their existence. We all got convicted, challenge, and loved. All at once, in those 2 hours we spent at RVC (Rendez Vous Christ).

As if this wasn't enough, the team at the guest house took us to an amazing restaurant located at the very top of one of the mountains. The food was great, but that was not the main focus. Up on that mountain, we got to admire a different side of Haiti we thought had seen the day before (at Wahoo Bay). Turns out we were completely wrong!

Picture yourself on the top of a really high mountain. To your far left, you will find the ocean. As your eyes make their way towards your right, you encounter shore. An extremely detailed union between the ocean and land, a mixture of sand and vibrant green trees.
While you continue to make your way towards your far right side, you noticed a beautiful and unique pattern the mountains in the background follow, and how the tip of some of them disappear between the clouds. Towards the center of the image, picture every place/city/small town you have visited for a week, along with some other beautiful and noticeable buildings.

Now that you have this image in your mind, multiply the beauty of it by 100,000. Your result will now be 1/8 of what we got to see!!!
If you are interested in having your mind blown off with God's creation in a completely different level, I highly encourage you to sign up for a mission trip to Haiti. God will show himself to you in many different way and levels, He will not disappoint.

Love you all!

Sarahi and the September Team