Friday, March 10, 2017


Man.  What a week.  Day five in a country that has stolen our hearts and touched our souls.  A country that has so much beauty -- beautiful people, beautiful landscape, beautiful and generous souls -- and so much faith and hope.

This morning we went to Church on the Rock prayer service at 6 AM.  As we entered their simple building, we could hear the worship team playing praise music.  We walked in to people with their arms raised and praising God.  Giving thanks for all that they have.  Humbling.  Thanking God that they can breathe.  Thanking God for oxygen.  Thanking God for water.  And praying for those in Somalia who don't have enough to eat.  Wait, what?!  Yes...these people who have gone through natural disasters and devastation, homes destroyed, unemployment, and malnutrition are praying for others in another country who don't have enough to eat.  Faith.  

After rejuvenating our souls, we made our way to Carrefour Haiti Hospital for the Sick and Dying. We spent time with some men, women and older children patients there and painted the women's/girls' nails, and massaged their legs and arms with lotion.  There was that darn language barrier, but that didn't stop us from trying to communicate that they are important.  Amidst their illnesses and pain, their smiles of thankfulness were beautiful reminders of their graciousness.  Faith.

Among all of this beauty came chaos in the form of traffic.  And let me tell you...the traffic here is CRAZY.  And on top of the normal crazy traffic it became even more complicated because their former President Rene Garcia Preval passed away on March 3 and his body is lying in state near the national palace -- which was right in our path of where we traveled today, The driving just baffles us - because apparently you can just drive, pass on either the left or right, and completely ignore "Stop" signs...or at least ignore the two Stop signs we have seen in this city.  There are no stop lights.  Everybody just drives and goes.  But in some strange way it works out just fine.  I mentioned to our driver that in America we had "Road Rage" and that in this kind of traffic people would be screaming, cursing, arms waving, and fingers flying.  He just looked at me and quietly said, "We just have to remember that we are Servants of God."  Huh.  I guess it really IS that easy, right?  Faith.

We eventually made our way to an orphanage where we brought supplies to make bracelets, some soccer balls for the kids to play with, bubbles, and face paint.  They LOVED the face paint.  A little too much.  And by me saying they LOVED the face paint, I mean they LOVED face paining US.  Alright then.  

But it really was a long day.  The day seemed to be more humid than the other days and pretty hot.  We are tired. Mentally and physically.  Emotionally.  It has been a week of confusion, observation, joy, tears, smiles, and processing. Not only trying to make sense of Haiti, but trying to make sense of our own lives.  What do we do with all of this?  Especially when we return home?  We need to help those who need our help.  We need to speak up for those who need our support.  I think we all feel a responsibility like we've never felt before.  Our hearts are changed...more full.  Thank you, people of Haiti.  Thank you for making us think and take time out of our lives to see who the "poor ones" truly are.  We will continue to pray for you and hopefully watch you soar!  Faith. 

Bondye Beniou!

Your friend for life - 

Kelly Branch