Thursday, August 3, 2017

Woodridge Day 4

Hello all! Today was our second water truck day! The first water truck day was very exhausting and so I was mentally dreading the day ahead, however it turned out to be an amazing day and God was certainly on the move. One of my favorite moments of the day was at the last stop that we made. A girl named Ashley approached me shortly after we arrived there and immediately put her arms up to be held. She was maybe 5 or 6 years old so it was heavy carrying her. I was initially regretting picking her up but she was so sweet I just couldn't put her down. It is important to mention that at this stop I also felt that I was suppose to carry as many buckets as possible, so I wasn't sure I would stay with Ashley for very long. That being said, she was able to find solution. With each bucket that I grabbed she would grab to the back of my shirt and follow me wherever I took the bucket. In multiple cases she would direct me where to put the bucket and then she would promptly climb back into my arms. At one point we were separated and after finding her she stuck by even closer. My arms were aching, but knowing that after I put a bucket down she would smile at me made it completely worth it. Although the stop was filled with people and children everywhere, I felt a sense of stillness inside me that contradicted the chaotic events transpiring around me. The rhythm of carrying a bucket while holding Ashley's hand and then picking her up promptly after made the stop a joy filled experience that I will always treasure.
        -Lizzy Pate
Today was day 4 in Haiti and we are thriving! It was our second water truck day of the week and it was hot! One moment that will stick with me for awhile is right when I walked off the tap tap at our first stop, and a mother handed me her beautiful baby boy. He was so cute and sadly very sick. After about 10 minutes of walking around and playing with him, he started to cry a heartbreaking cry. This moment had me feeling helpless and hopeless that I couldn't cure this Child of his sickness. I didn't understand why this incredible child was in this saddening situation, but later on today God put on my heart that he was weeping and his heart was breaking also for this child. He also showed me on later stops he has a plan for Haiti, and we are apart of it. God is doing amazing things here in Haiti, and in the pain and suffering we need to trust in him because he knows what to do. My heart now is filled with joy knowing God is watching over and protecting the people of Haiti, and the child I held on the first water truck stop is in the hands of Christ.
       -Annika Swanson
Last night and again this morning Shayla got sick which meant she had to stay home from our serving day. We are blessed to have the Orono school nurse Ann on our trip as one of our leaders and she stepped in and cared for Shayla last night and this morning. Our trip leader Lea stayed back with Shayla from our water truck serving today and I am happy to report that she has been back with the group all afternoon and evening. She says that she is feeling better. Please keep the health of all of our team in your prayers. Midway through a hot week like this is a time when people can get sick.
       -Drew Johnson
This trip to Haiti is my first time being in a third world country since living in Tanzania roughly eight years ago. So far, I have enjoyed every minute of it (with the exception of my bathroom trips) and will remember this week for the rest of my life. I am especially thankful that I can share the experience with some of my childhood friends, and I am also thankful that I could make new friends throughout the week as well. I have relearned the many troubles of third world countries, including the intense poverty and homelessness. However, there is also much joy in Haiti, and it is even present among children who have virtually nothing. Serving the elders and playing with the children in Haiti are both experiences that have influenced me as a person, and I thank God for the amazing opportunity. 

Today we went and visited the elders in their homes. They were super nice and comforting. One of them was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She told me how she had lost her husband and son and after that she just lost everything, all her money and everything. It was so sad, I started to cry. It was a special moment. Also a big shout out to my mom, Catherine Mehaffey, I miss and love you. - Josh Mehaffey.

Word of the Day for August 3

Each day we debrief our experiences by each picking a word of the day and describing why we picked that word. 

Drew - Josh-le Gym 
A made up word combing Josh Mehaffey’s name with Jungle Gym. At every stop Josh was holding 3-5 kids while others were around waiting for a turn to play with him. He and all the guys on our trip have served the kids in 

Emmy - Touching 
At our first stop this one girl latched onto me at our second water truck stop. Even when I tried to set her down she wouldn’t let go. It was really touching for me, and she was touching me. 

Lea - Confidence
God is teaching me to believe on deeper levels that God is doing His thing whether I am a part of it or not. I didn’t go on the water truck today but I knew God was doing His thing and God had control. 

Shayla - Puking
I’ve never puked so much in two days but I am doing a lot better. Thank you for all the prayers and for helping me and for Lea staying with me. 

Joanna - I love you
A boy I was holding said I love you and then I said it back and we kept saying it over and over back and forth to each other. It reminded me that if God was next to me he would be saying I love you, I love you all day.

Annika S - Heart
I was holding a little boy and then he started to cry and Joanna took the boy and then he fell asleep right away. I think God blessed Joanna with a warm motherly heart and I thank God for that.

Lauren - Tight
I have gotten very tight with most of the people on our trip the past couple days. And when I have been holding kids in Cite Soleil they hold on so tight and wrap their bodies around you. They refuse to go on the ground. 

Rob - Sister
Team Underdahl was holding down the hose at the first water truck stop. I was trying to think of the last time we worked together on something — Mother’s Day cooking a meal for our mom (which was a disaster). That is the time that I remember us working the best together ever. 

Katie - Brother 
(Note: not planned!!!, so we made them hug)
We worked so well together. He is leaving for college in few days. It is going to be so different without him but I am thankful I could bond with him and work together here in Haiti. 

Lizzy - Rhythm 
I noticed many instances where we have the rhythm down for water truck stops. I also noticed a pattern or rhythm for the whole day. Then at the third stop I was carrying a lot of buckets and this girl Ashley would tell me where to put the buckets and hold onto my hand or shirt and pick her up when I put a bucket down. We got in a good rhythm. 

Tori - Caring
I felt very cared for by the Haitians today. At the second stop a mother came up and wiped the sweat off my forehead and adjusted my bandana while I held her son. 

Maya - Bitter Sweet
Today was very emotional day for me and I struggled with a lot of the things I saw today. At the second stop I spent time holding this little girl who latched onto me. I later saw a woman slap her really hard and it broke my heart. It was a tough day. 

Larissa - Believe
I am good at giving love but it is really hard for me to accept it. If I am not the best at a few certain things here then I don’t feel like I have a part and that I am not important. I started to think that I wouldn’t be loved and that God wouldn’t love me. I know God loves me but I am having a hard time believing that God loves me. I am trying to believe that I don’t have to be good at things to be loved. 

Austin - Ann
Last night Ann was so on top of things helping Shayla. I knew that Shayla was being loved on by Ann. Ann told me all the ways she loved Shayla. It was really cool to see how much Ann loves our team. Today on the tap tap Ann was singing all the songs and singing her own songs. She was super passionate the whole day. 

Josh M - Marriage
Three different girls asked me to marry them today. I didn’t know it until about 30 minutes after when a guy told me that’s what they were saying. 

Abbie - Redemption
I saw a lot of hard things today. At one point I saw  lady trying to get water and didn't get there and another girl did so she hit the other woman. Seeing that was really depressing. Two seconds later I saw a long line of water and all these people getting water. It was two totally different viewpoints and perspectives. God is working through Healing Haiti and through us to bring redemption. 

Bella - Found 
On our way to the second water truck stop I really started to miss my mom so much. So I was thinking about her the whole day. At the second stop I was the first one off and this little girl reminded me of my mom and I wanted a hug from my mom so I reached out to her and we hugged each other and I cried and she cried. 

Josh H - Bepto bismal
It was rough morning but I took that pill and it got me through the 3 stops. I am glad we have access that kind of help and that I was able to participate today. 

Graham - Strength
At one point a bunch of 8 and 9 year old girls were holding massive buckets on their heads and asking me to help them put them on their heads. These kids have so much strength. 

Braeden - Youth
I don’t know if it was me paying attention more or more kids taking charge in the water process but the number of kids I saw grabbing the heavy buckets filling them with water and carrying them home was a lot. 

Noelle - Comfort Zone
Last year I didn’t do the hose at all. But I did the hose today, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. It was the best experience ever. Annika S was a boss at it and it was really fun. 

Annika C - Remember
I was kind of upset I couldn’t go today so I went back through and read through my journal from the last year. And I thought … God does amazing stuff every day. 

Brice - Haitian 
That is the first word I hear when I get off the tap-tap, people asking me if I am Haitian. It is cool because it allows me to have awesome conversations with people. I had an awesome conversation with a girl trying to figure out that I wasn’t Haitian. I’ve had conversations with people in their 20’s about life and how they feel about living in Citi Soleil. 

Emma - Connectedness 
Today at the third stop I saw this lady who looked vaguely familiar, how do I recognize her? She found me and pointed and me and seemed to say, I remember you. Then I remembered we saw each other two days ago on the water truck stops. It was cool to feel that I can be connected. 

Ann - Praise
I want to retract my chauvinistic word from yesterday, I saw men helping at every stop today. 
When you step out of the tap tap you step into a sea of kids with their arms up and I thought of praise Him and I couldn’t wait to pick them up. 

Daphne - Tiny Hands

Whenever I walked out of the tap tap I saw these tiny hands up waiting to be held and grabbing me and pulling me.