Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My word of the day today was “heartbreaking". I knew this trip would be emotional, but that God would fill my heart up with so many amazing experiences. Today we visited Gertrudes in the morning,  a home for special needs children, and in the afternoon we visited the Home for the Sick and Dying Babies.  Both heartbreaking, yet amazing experiences.  We have been told to allow God to work through us in whatever way He feels necessary and everyone in our group did just that.  Parents and children jumped right in to love up these kiddos. Our morning was filled with playing, blowing bubbles, touching, massaging, holding some of them, playing on the playground that is provided, and throwing balls.  The smiles and joy seen in their faces is how I believe God has worked through us.  
The afternoon was spent at the Home for the Sick and Dying Babies.  There was not an empty crib in the place.  We were able to feed these children, hold them, maybe two at a time, they just wanted love. Some fell asleep in our arms others held us tight not wanting to be let go and many just looked around.  The room was never quite, there was always someone crying out to be picked up, but when a smile spread across their face, it was all worth it.
In between our morning and afternoon we stopped at Aparent Project.  This was started by a couple who were adopting a child and realized the parents of these children could not afford to raise them, therefore, placing them in an orphanage.  They began to think of a way that these Haitian parents could be empowered to make money for themselves and to support their children.  They make many things from jewelry, to t-shirts, to recycled bags and the list goes on.  It is amazing to see the work that is put into the product you will buy at the end.  A way to empower these people and empower Haiti!