Friday, August 30, 2019

August 30, 2019: SETTING AN EXAMPLE

As Minnesotans enjoyed stunning weather, the start of high school football, and the State Fair, six senior boys chose 96 degree temps and a uniquely Haitian experience instead. Okay, so my son cannot recall what he did the “last Friday” of summer a year ago, or the year before, for that matter.  Curious, I went around the room and asked Isaac H, Danny and Noah the same question: “what were you doing a year ago?” Crickets.  Thus, although the contrast between Spectacular Minnesota and Sultry Haiti couldn’t be more dramatic today, the boys bucked up and went for it.

Thanks to Healing Haiti and its fabulous staff, today was unforgettable.
Curious?  Here are a few Haitian experiences that you can’t get in Minnesota:
Cracking open Genips and sucking out peach-like juice
Donkeys hauling rice on the side of the road
Washing the feet of elderly citizens
Riding an open-air vehicle with no seatbelts, passing three-wide
A herd of cows walking down a residential street
Three adults riding the same motorcycle (sans helmets)
A (mostly) outdoor tour in 97 degree weather
A library of French books
Joe bricking a shot in a pickup game of basketball
Not having your iPhone from 9am-7pm (Tamara’s rule)
A front door that once served as a port-a-potty door
Fences made of cactus
A mouse scampering under the feet of Beth & Isaac
People riding on top of school buses
Stark reminders of the importance of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
Honking the horn as the main mode of communication between vehicles
Throwing rocks to knock off ripe almonds from a tree
Watching a 3-time All-American HS swimmer play basketball
Stepping over sleeping babies in the middle of the day
Praying for new shoes for a senior citizen
Seeing Michael G hold three children at once (not happening in Minnesota)
Rinsing every dish with bleach water before air-drying
Real Coke made with cane sugar (amazing)
Praying outdoors in sweltering heat
Knowing God heard every prayer

I’ll bet these boys will always remember what they did the “last” Friday of summer 2019.