Friday, May 24, 2019

Already Friday

I truly can't believe it is already Friday, it has been hot and the days long sometimes, but the week has gone by so quickly. Last night we had a truly wonderful time gathering with the other two groups and worshiping together, although the lights went out, the sound never changed. It was so amazing. This morning we all got up pretty early 5:20 AM here, (4:20 AM at home). Some of us people who are not morning people even got up to go to Church on the Rocks (Church service held every morning 6-7 AM before people go to work). We walked to this church service and it was really cool to see the streets of Haiti. After church we came back, some of us took a small nap and then we had breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to a market along the highway just a little past our compound. We did some shopping, but the view is what stole the show. We could really see the mountains and countryside. We took the opportunity for a picture and to just admire the beauty. After we finished there we came back, dropped our goods off and headed for the orphanages.

However, the traffic today was C-R-A-Z-Y but we got to see lots of the streets today and it really shows how much we have to be thankful & how resilient the people of Haiti are. We got to see so many different things today--some gross, some neat, and some that were just a little weird to us. However, all of them truly made us appreciate the things we took so easily for granted.

The first orphanage we went to was one designed for children with special needs and to say they stole our hearts would be a very large understatement. Each one of them so unique, yet all they really wanted was love and attention. We played games, painted nails, colors, learned a little Creole, and jumped rope. Our time with them was so precious but went by so fast. We then loaded the tap-tap again and headed for the next one.

When we arrived to the next orphanage, they all sang us a song. There was a little less than 50 kids here ranging from ages 3-20. We made friendship bracelets with them and then we played. Some of us took time to talk to the girls of the orphanage and really get to know them, while others of us played games with kids and had footballs flying places the shouldn't have been (Whitney!) but not to worry it was recovered and Naomi really loved that. Just ask.

On our ride home we had a little bit of a wait, we passed the time yelp rating the bathrooms, laughing, and making jokes. We arrived at the compound and ate supper, now we are all relaxing and winding down as sickness has struck a few in the house. Praying for some much needed rest as tomorrow we go back to Cite Soleil (City Sol-lay) and provide water, fellowship with the children, and visit some of the elders of the town. Tomorrow will be tough, but we are ready to see the ways that God works through us tomorrow.

With Love,
The Coo Girls (And Kevin)