Thursday, May 24, 2018

FBC Huntingdon, TN - Day Three - May 24, 2018

Today we started off our day at Papillion.  Papillion is an organization in Haiti that employs many Haitians to make jewelry and pottery.  Their purpose is to help mothers and fathers have a way to provide for their families, so they don’t have to give the children away to orphanages.  It was really neat to look around and shop. We also got to go to their cafĂ© to get a smoothie.

Then we went to For His Glory Orphanage.  There were lots and lots of kids with lots and lots of energy!  We got to play with them, blow bubbles and take their photos to put in a frame that said “Jesus loves me”. We also got to sing with them and love on them a whole bunch.  

The last place we went to was Lapherre’s Orphanage. On the way to this orphanage, the traffic was awful.  So anyone who thinks they’ve been stuck in traffic, they really haven’t until you’ve been to Haiti. At this orphanage, all the children were so well-behaved.  They sat and talked to us.  We did the same craft with the photos and picture frames here too.   We painted fingernails, made paper airplane and played soccer. The kids sang so beautifully to us and we sang to them too.  Overall, this place has been my favorite place to spend time at.

Thanks everyone for following our blog.  We are excited for another day tomorrow!