Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wednesday - Hendrickson/Severson - Cite Soleil and Dios

On Wednesday, our team headed to Cite Soleil for water truck day! This was an amazing and eye-opening experience. We filled buckets with water and helped them carry the buckets. My favorite part was definitely holding the babies. Hearing their laughs travel through their little bodies is truly delightful. Kids loving on us and never wanting to let go. The greatest thing I noticed was how kind everyone was. Their smiles were incredible. They were so gentle and loving to us. I often felt like they were being more loving to us than we were to them. It seemed hard to match the love inside of them. One of the most memorable things that I experienced was visiting the handicapped orphanage. The kids we met with spoke to my soul. They loved touching and leaning against us. The thing I got most out of it was the idea that everyone needs someone to lean on. They are no different than us. We are all God’s children, The Haitian people are our brothers and sisters. They need someone to lean on. Just being there and giving us the opportunity to be someone’s body to hug and hold meant everything to me. I wish I could let them know that they are not forgotten. I will never forget them. We will never forget them. God has never forgotten them. People do think about them and people do love them. While we do not know why terrible things happen, all we can do is be there, be present and let someone lean on us, if only for a few minutes. I will never forget you Haiti. MaKayla