Monday, March 4, 2019

We Shall Overcome

The mighty Lagerquist team of 6 overcame the tests and trials of day one. First of all, we have two new rookies on the team (JC a college student flying from Ft. Wayne, IN; and Deanna, Pauline's sister from Phoenix). The rest of us (Pauline our leader, Jess her daughter, and Kira and Logan from Eden Prairie) have been multiple times ranging 3-5 trips. It all started when Kira and Logan tried for 45 min to get Uber, Lyft, Black or any taxi for that matter to pick them up at 4am. Panic kicked in and we called Pauline and Jess to get ideas of what to do. After talking to Jess she set her phone down and left it in the car they were taking to the airport. We decided to just pack up the car and drive and park at the airport or else we might miss the flight. At the same time, the Lagerquists were melting down to try to find Jess's phone (which Callie came to the rescue).  We all were to meet in Atlanta to finish the journey to Haiti together. However, JC's flight had mechanical issues and was delayed so he missed the only option to get to Port-au-Prince today. JC sent us all a note in Atlanta that God is in control and was praying for us all and looking forward to finally connecting tomorrow.

After what may seem like a challenging travel day, we arrived very welcomed and loved by the Healing Haiti staff. As we reflect tonight, we continue to pray for peace and safety for all people in Haiti. 

Awesome and great is Your name. Once again You overcame.