Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day Seven, Who am I

Haiti has changed me- everything about Haiti changed everything about me. I'm thankful for every heart wrenching moment in this amazing place. I wasn't sure who I was before Haiti, and I'm not quite sure who I am after, but Haiti has pushed me closer to finding out.

I'm thankful for the people, the atmosphere, the landscape, the sights and sounds, but most of all I'm thankful for my team. God placed every single person here in a special intricate web of relationships. Not one of us could have made it through this week without the help of our other team members. We all brought something to the table, and there's a reason we were all here together. I could have never dreamed of a better team to carry out this week's tasks. I consider them all my brothers and sisters. After everything my team and I went through together, I love every one of them for their perseverance; strength, and most of all encouragement for one another. Haiti may have broken my heart, but my team carried me through the pieces.

Thank you