Saturday, August 17, 2019

Alleluia Youth Team - Day 6 - Elder Day!

Sak Pase Zanmi yo (what's up friends),

     We started our day with a wonderful breakfast made by our Haitian staff, Abbi and Hailey. Then we loaded the Tap Tap to go to Grace Village. We then received a tour from our leaders around Grace Village. Grace Village is located in Titanyen, which translates to "less then nothing". At this village kids in the community get to attend school, it houses orphans in family-style housing, and it allows kids in transitional housing a place to stay. They also have a clinic that is affordable for people in the community to use. They have created a space that makes this community more then nothing. This picture below is taken on the deck outside of the clinic.

     After touring Grace Village we went to spend the morning with elders from the community. They met us at Fleri (the Healing Haiti restaurant). We got the opportunity to wash their feet, moisturize  their bodies, massage their shoulders, and pray over them. It was an amazing opportunity to hear the stories of the elders and feed them a good meal before we left. Here is a picture of some of us praying over Madam Monique.  

     Then, we took a short break and traveled over to Rosie's to have some ice cream and do a little shopping. We then returned back to Fleri for a tour of the bakery by Peterson who passionately told use the story of how the bakery came to be. We also picked up some goodies to eat for breakfast Sunday morning. Here is a picture from our tour.

     Lastly, we had some pizza and appetizers at Fleri. The long-term missionary Katie and Ash from the Innovation lab had dinner with us. It was very cool to hear how they got were they are now with Healing Haiti. After pizza we headed back to the guest house to enjoy some group and pray partner time. Here is a picture of our group at Fleri!

Words of the Day
Hailey - Holy Spirit 
Madi - Undescribable 
Abby - Confusing 
Emily - Hard 
Tori - Decades 
Abbi- Connected 
Nate - Age 
Chris - Conversations 
Jordan - Guided 
Kari - Pray 
Jen - Passion 
Carol - Prayer 

Bondye beni ou (God bless you), 

Madi and Hailey