Friday, August 9, 2019

Service Impact Team 8.5 - Day 4 - Water Truck Day #1

Service Impact Team 8.5 - Day 4 - Water Truck Day #1

Yesterday was our first water truck day in Cite Soleil! It was an overwhelming, emotional and powerful day for our whole team. All of us besides two have done a water truck day before, so many of us knew what we were in for - But, you never can really be prepared for Cite Soleil. It will wreck you every time, make you reflect on the everyday things we take advantage of, and break your heart but give you joy all at the same time.

We headed out on the tap-tap to go and fill up the water truck, which was eye-opening once we were at the water station. So many water trucks, so much water, yet it takes so much to get it to the Haitians in need. So many people don't have access to one of the most basic human needs: WATER. Yesterday, we delivered approximately 16,000 gallons of clean water! We made two stops in Cite Soleil, the first being in district 17 and the second being in the district "nap boule". The first stop was more calm, low key, and less chaotic. The second stop was the exact opposite, and it was hard to see the people being so aggressive over clean water. When we do a water truck day, we typically have 3-4 people manning the hose and moving buckets as quickly as possible out of the way for the next ones to be filled. The remainder of our team spends time loving on the sweet kids and helping people carry water buckets to their homes.

We arrived back at the guest house, all physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. Water truck day is by far one of the best days, but also one of the most emotional and heartbreaking days too. Every night our team gathers to spend time together worshiping, praying, enjoying fellowship, and sharing our testimonies with one another. Last night time got away from us, as we all were enjoying one another's company so much and the time with the Lord. We spent over 3 hours worhshiping together - It was incredibly powerful and was the perfect end to our first water truck day.

We have water truck day #2 this Saturday, so please be in prayer for our team as we prepare to do it all over again! We are all thankful for God calling us on this trip, and love the family our team has become. Glwa pou Bondye!

Our "word of the day" for water truck day:
  • Wow - Kristen
  • In sync - Kayla
  • Awesome - Marlee
  • Generous - Suz
  • Defy - Austin
  • Growth - Abbey
  • Light - Danika
  • Progression - Marcus
  • Disappointment - Donnie
  • Overwhelmed - Alexa
  • Persistence - Mark
  • Unlikely - Manny