Thursday, June 7, 2018

Titanyen & Fleri

Today our mission team visited our ministry in Titanyen, Haiti. Grace Village meets the pressing needs of orphans and the families of the area. There is a church, a school, “family” housing for the orphans, and an amazing clinic, all of which employ many adults in Titanyen. The clinic has a Haitian staff, providing medical, dental and obstetric services. The joy on the faces of the children and staff makes it evident that God’s hand is providing for these precious people through Grace Village.
The highlight of my day was our visit to four elders in the community. We delivered hot meals and cold beverages, and we were able to wash their feet. Katie led us in worship followed by prayer. These seniors are just a few of the elderly that receive hot meals six days a week, with monthly health visits and regular social worker visits. Many live alone and are at risk, so God watches over them through Healing Haiti. Praise the Lord!           Kristie Stafford

Another blessed day here in Haiti! God seems so much closer here than back at home in Texas with all of the noise and distractions.  His people, though they have so little, have so much! The children may not have a thread of clothing on, but they have the biggest hearts and smiles.   It was such a privilege today to take the water and meals to the elderly, wash their feet and pray over them.  I can only imagine what they have seen and experienced in their lives here.  Their gratitude and joy is evidence that their faith has been stretched and strengthened over the years.  We also visited the mass graves from the earthquake in Port Au Prince in 2010 which took the lives of about 2% of the Haitian population.  There are no words. God is seriously at work answering prayers, humbling hearts and bringing people together each and every day.

It’s so cool that even though we don’t speak the same language, we can communicate with LOVE. My heart is so full and God is revealing more each day as we seek Him and how to better serve His people.  The leaps and bounds that Healing Haiti has made in just a few shorts years is nothing short of an act of God! Building trust and relationships with the least among us as we are called to do while equipping them with skills and creating jobs to provide for families and the generations to come.  I know I will leave this beautiful island a changed person and I pray to be more grateful for basic necessities.  Yesterday I bought a handmade doll for my daughter who turned seven today.  The doll is a Haitian girl with a huge fruit basket on her head.  I am in awe of the strength and grace of these ladies.  We truly live a life of convenience in the states and these families work so hard for the most basic things.  Pray for them! This has been the most amazing experience! – Jessica Fields

Today, the beautiful people of Haiti continued to bless our team as we toured Grace Village, Fleri, and visited elders in the community of Titanyen, which is about 45 minutes north of Port-au-Prince. Our tap-tap, piloted by one of our wonderful translators braved the bumpy roads, and we were able to catch a glimpse of the Haitian countryside. For me, this was so eye opening. In Cité Soleil, the people live close together, but they have more access to services than the people in the countryside. The Haitians that live in the countryside tend to be poorer, many of them subsistence farming or selling items in small shops. Even though the wind roared through the back of the tap-tap as we drove, my eyes were glued to the road.

Our tour guide Jake in the bakery near Grace Village told us that Titanyen, the name of the city, actually means something equivalent to “the least of these” in Creol, and that was a large portion of the reason that Healing Haiti wanted to build some facilities there. The people in Titanyen should not have to internalize the sense of being the very least, because they are amazing creations of God that should be treated with as much love and dignity as everyone else.
After our tours, we washed the feet of four elders in the community, and brought them hot meals and water. This was my favorite part of the day because the joy, wisdom, and life experience of the beautiful elders was palpable, even across the language barrier. The elders were so happy to see us, to ask for prayer, and to show off the accomplishments of their children. I was so grateful that they allowed us into their homes and sang worship music with us. I am so grateful to God for this day and for the amazing team that I have had the opportunity to travel with! Pray for us as we continue to serve and be served by the wonderful Haitian community. We all send our love to family and friends back home.  –Moriah Weir