Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Thanks be to God for the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti. Today we distributed water in three different areas, which was very exhausting physically and also mentally. I started the day off holding the hose and instantly found it frustrating to be splashing water out of their buckets because of the pressure of fluids coming out. It soon came to me that this was going to happen and that I needed to see the bigger picture: Jesus was the water and I was the bucket, I needed to let the splashes happen so that those whose buckets are dry will get the over pouring from mine. An answer to a prayer from the night before that I would be over flowing with love to give.

I had enough strength and stamina to endure the whole day of filling water buckets and also carrying them back to their homes. Another answered prayer from the night before, but not only for me but also those in the group. After each stop as we looked upon one another's face you could see the fatigue, yet each time we were getting to the next water station our demeanor changed. Determination is the only word I can use to compare to this; we knew that this was their source of water, so our trust and hope turned to God in order to serve the people. The day had truly made us tired but I know that if we were to have done more water stops, we would have been poured into and given the energy needed.

Time really does fly when you don't consume your life around the clock. In my mind the day is a blur and yet I see each and every moment just as clear as the next. The joy of the people resonate deep in my heart. At times when walking back to grab more buckets to help carry them, I heard music playing and began to dance. Strangers could see the joy I had even though I was doing a job that was so taxing. Little things like this keep my cup overflowing and encouraged to be steadfast in the task that has been bestowed upon me.

Rylie Smith