Sunday, August 11, 2019

Service Impact Team 8.5 - Day 6 - Water Truck Day #2 & Dios

Service Impact Team 8.5 - Day 6 - Water Truck Day #2 & Dios

Today was our last day in the field in Haiti serving! This week has flown by and we can't believe our time in Haiti is already wrapping up. Today we had our second water truck day in the morning, and this afternoon we served at "Dios", an orphanage for disabled children.

Our second water truck day went much more smoothly than the first earlier this week. Our team knew exactly what we needed to do, and everyone was more comfortable. The first water truck day is always overwhelming, and you often ask yourself "do I hate this or love this?" but by the second one it's become your favorite part of the trip. We only made one stop because of visiting the orphanage in the afternoon, but we were all blessed by that one stop we made. District 26 is right by the pier, so our team took a walk out there after we were done delivering the water. It was inredible to see the contrast between the looking out at the Caribbean and then Cite Soleil being directly behind you.  If you were to take a photo looking out at the ocean, you would never know that the poorest slum in our hemisphere was on the other side of the camera.

In the afternoon our team visited Dios, an orphanage for disabled children. What a special time! The kids had the brightest smiles and their joy was contagious. We all enjoyed playing with them and loving on them. One little boy stole all our hearts, Moses. He was wheelchair bound, but that didn't stop him from playing with our team and playing Austin's guitar. As soon as the guitar was pulled out, his face lit up and he wanted to play. It was a very sweet moment that I'm sure we all will remember.

We ended the day with rooftop worship with other Healing Haiti team, reflecting on all He has done in and through us in Haiti this week. We all can't believe that our week of serving is done! This week has truly flown by! God has moved in amazing ways this trip, both in our own lives and in those we have touched and served.

Our "word of the day" from our team:
  • Comfortable - Kristen
  • Home - Marlee
  • Wanted - Kayla
  • No - Suz
  • Inspired - Marcus
  • Redeem - Manny
  • Healing - Mark
  • Unexpected - Abbey
  • Child-like - Alexa
  • Adapt - Donnie
  • Contrast - Danika
  • Smile - Austin