Thursday, October 27, 2016

KCC Day #4

How could you not know that we serve a mighty God when you witness the country of Haiti? On day number 4 of our mission trip, our team visited the Elders. We brought them a meal and water, worshiped with them, washed and lotioned their feet, legs, and arms, and prayed over them. It was humbling to get down on your knees and wash someone's feet, what an act of being a servant. It was a blessing to be able to fulfill Gods desires of having a servants heart. It reminds me of how Jesus washed the disciples feet so unselfishly. It was so powerful listening to what they had for prayer requests. They have such a strong faith in God, yet they live in poverty, some without legs and are confinied to their makeshift home of brick and and sheet metal, everyday in less then a 6x 6 space.  With no social security check coming in, no pension, no government assistance, no food pantry, the list goes on and on. How lucky we are in the states to receive free services, yet how often we take them for granted when there are other people in other countries suffering, daily but have an overflow of joy, of peace, of humility. These Elders and their immediate community welcomed us in with open arms. Worshiped along side of us, and prayed with us. It fills me with hope for Haiti that these people still know the love of Jesus, despite their circumstances. It was so humbling and a great reminder of the mighty God we serve, and how big and powerful His love is even in the distraction.. His love surpasses all.

After the Elders, we went to Grace Village. Built by Healing Haiti, it houses children from age 2 to young adults, about age 16-18. And also aids in transitional living for those not exactly ready to leave.  It also serves as a "stop and go" orphanage, with reunification and parental support as the bones of their mission, along with a school for kids and teens. On site their is also a health clinic, open to the public and fully staffed by Haitians, a bakery which promotes job opportunity and growth for Haitians, and Grace Church where people Worship on Sunday's and through out the week. Grace Village brings so much hope to Titanyen, which translates to "little nothing", with a dark history, but god always manages to make beauty from ashes, drawing hope and inspiration to the Haitian community. Places like Grace Village are changing lives and Haiti, one leap of faith at a time.

Lastly we visited the earthquake memorial, also known as Masquerade by the locals. What an emotional stop. The bodies of the earthquake victims are buried there, and they built the memorial structure right on top of the mass graves. The memorial remains unfinished do to lack of funding, none the less the feeling of this symbolic, and visually beautiful sight is quite tangible. The memorial is placed dead center of mountains, canyons and the ocean all in one place. Filled with beautiful flowers and the brightest greens and deepest browns. The tragedity and destruction is very much alive in this place yet such a holy ground! Over 300,000 Haitian people died in the January 2010 earthquake. Once again, we see God bringing beauty from the ashes in Haiti. We serve such a mighty God,who's power and creation is display in clear sight in ways that you can feel and see easier then ever before!

Our words for today were: Perseverence, hope, joy, rebuild, healing, rebirth, mighty, humbled.

-Danika & Stephanie