Friday, July 19, 2019

SVCC in Haiti - Day 5

As the sun rose over the horizon, our team was already assembled in the driveway eagerly awaiting our first opportunity to attend Church on the Rock.  We piled into the tap-tap with the other mission team and off we went.  Not even 6:00 AM we climbed the hills of Haiti on our way to a powerful church service.  One might think the pastor preached on the woes of his people but this was not the case; his prayers were for America and Israel.  His own people were included but in a general sense that we might hear our own pastor say as he tends to his flock.

Returning home our delicious breakfast prepared by our loving Haitian staff awaited us.  We devoured bananas, mangos, papayas, French toast, and eggs.  This was food to nourish our bodies as we prepared to go into the world and do God’s work.

We again loaded up into the tap-tap after our morning prayer with our ice cold water bottles and elder care supplies.  We did not know what to expect other than our leaders had given us a brief bio of the various elders we would see.  On the way to Titanyen we had roughly an hour drive and got to see even more of the natural beauty of this country.  We have also come to enjoy our rides together as our group has gelled in a way that is hard to explain.

Arriving at Titanyen, we apprehensively approached the first of four elders unsure what would take place. God showed up in a big way, allowing for transformation on our team.  Titanyen means “less than nothing”, but what we found was a whole lot more than something.  We brought them food, washed hands and feet, and provided whatever care we could or was needed/requested.  Their families allowed us to do this but watched over their elders with a fierce love. 

When our elder visited had been concluded we hoped back on the tap-tap and off we went to Rosie’s for ice cream and coffee! Ok there may have been some retail therapy too but for purchase of goods made by local artisans, and the greeting cards and food provided support 26 jobs locally. 

After being recharged we went to tour Grace Village.  This, like so many of the stops we made today, was a powerful one.  The Lord has been so faithful to the goals and dreams of Healing Haiti on this and so many endeavors, and His work is not done!!!  Our fearless leaders lead a tantalizing tour of the grounds showing us the original bakery, original orphanage structures, the beautiful playground, the school the children from the orphanage and surrounding areas attend, the newer family style housing now occupied by the kids, and the clinic.

Needing more nourishment, we loaded up and headed down to the Fleri bakery and cafĂ©. Peterson, the manager of Fleri Boulange (“boo-lan-zhey”, which means “bakery”) gave us the tour of the premises, answered our questions and shared with us the tremendous growth this God-filled operation has experienced.  Being full of the spirit, we gored ourselves on pizza, wings, fritz and pork with plantains.

Unsure if we would all fit, we waddled to the tap-tap and prepared for the drive home.  The laugher and joy was harder to fit into the tap-tap while we rode the hour back to Port-au-Prince.

After some rest and personal time, we gathered as a team to reflect on the day that was spent and what is to come tomorrow. God is good! 

~ Kyle