Sunday, August 21, 2016

Final Day: Quenching Thirst

Today was our second water truck day.  I cannot prepare myself for the smells, sounds, sights and feel of poverty.  Poverty is everywhere in Cite Soleil.  Look to the left, right, under your feet then right at the children.  Their eyes, they tell a story.  The dark brown eyes sometimes cloudy, red or even absent.  One cannot forget the eyes.
The thirst in Cite Soleil cannot be quenched, as the thirst is more than for water.  The thirst is for human touch, acknowledgement, a smile, hug, prayer or even laughter. The thirst is grand!  As missionaries, we do what we can.  We serve the Lord, we are his hands and feet.  He calls us to serve his children, our brothers and sisters. 
Today was bitter sweet.  It is sweet because we can deliver water, look into the eyes, pray and give our best for two water truck stops. Bitter because it is the last day we can try to quench the thirst that exists in Cite Soleil. Bitter because I cannot quench the thirst that continually exists in Haiti. The thirst is one only God can quench.


Final Day: The Gift

The second day of water truck, and we have a well formed team.  This day was special, because I knew we would be able to handle anything, just felt that way. The beautiful Haitian children chased us and yelled “Hey you!” as we came to the stop.  They were yelling in unison, and it was beautiful.  As we opened the door and jumped off the truck, at least a dozen surrounded us and one beautiful young girl grabbed me and planted a kiss on my cheek! Wow, just love today!  All we wanted to do was deliver water and more water.  I felt driven to just give, give, give, as did the rest of the team.  We seemed to never have enough love or water to share.  As we left I thought how it would have been for them if we had not come.  What if no water today, or any day?
For that very reason, I’ll be back.  A piece of my heart is forever in Haiti.
As I watched this awesome team this week, I kept thinking of one of the words of the day I had used… gift.  We each have gifts, special and perfect, that God had given to us.  Thank You, Lord, for the blessings that we can share and bring to this beautiful country, and these special people.  It has been joyful again to shine our light upon them, because today, we were indeed there for them as the hands and feet of Jesus.

~ Jan