Thursday, May 23, 2019


Just another day in Haiti--it was hot, real hot. We started melting and the sunscreen went into our eyes. We are still rating each bathroom we go into on Yelp--(okay, not really but its been a running joke & if someone comes out and tells us there is a 5 star, we all go in and try to go). We started this morning just like every other, running from our room because Kendra and the clan are late braiding hair. We enjoyed a wonderful French toast breakfast made by the wonderful women who tend to the house. We then loaded the tap-tap and headed to Daux Mains (Dough Meh) meaning two hands. We all enjoyed shopping at the pop-up boutique as they had the cutest things there made of upcycled items. Daux Main was truly a wonderful business idea.

We then headed to Teach Haiti School of Hope,a school in Port-au-Prince. There we got a tour of their school, got to play with some of the preschoolers, and really got to experience what a school day in Haiti looks like. We had a really awesome time with the children and loved playing games with them. We then headed to Papillon.

Papillon (or Butterfly in Creole) is a business that started to give jobs to the Haitian people. Here they made various handmade crafts such as handmade beads, clay mugs and beads, and other sewing projects. We also got to eat there and the frozen lemonades were a hit since it was SO hot! After our tour and treats we then headed to a little orphanage to play with the children.

We arrived at the little orphanage and were met by children on various ages. We each kind of did our own thing. Kelsey and Brittany started 4 square with the kids & they loved it! We also had nail painting, coloring, and tick-tack-toe all going on. We even sang to them (ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star--all you moms should be super proud. It may not have been in tune and a questionable rhythm but we got the job done) It was truly special the time we had with them today.

On our way home we got to stop at our driver, Max's, house and he told us all about the process of building a home from the ground up. We also really loved that we got to see his children and love on them a little. It was such a unique and personal experience and we are so thankful for his generosity and willingness to show us this side of Haiti. When we got home we all headed to the pool for a dip--cool off and have a little bonding time. For supper we had a traditional Haitian meal and while it was a little different it was awesome to experience their kind of food. We are now having a little team time and then heading up to worship with the other groups here at the compound.

Tomorrow morning we are getting up bright and early 5:30 AM and headed to a church service on the rocks. Another blessed day in Haiti, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers. (Don't worry Mom--we're still alive and well.) The only fatalities we have had are two toothbrushes--we lost them under the water and needed a new one! Oh well, when in Haiti!

With love,
The Coo Girls (and Kevin)