Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hosanna Student Ministries Day 6!

Sup Fam, coming at you from the beautiful country of Haiti. Today we got Karenna and Sophia here.

We had a really fun and playful day. We started out the day with a place called Rebuild Globally. We learned not only about the organization but about a few of the staff members who work there. A Haitian women named Jolina and a Missionary named Sarah gave us an amazing tour of their facility. Their main mission is to create full-time jobs for people that are reliable. What they do is take tires old or new and turn them into shoes. They buy things like leather and other materials from small local businesses to make products to sell. They have made shoes for Kenneth Cole, Billabong, Ron Johns, and famous designers for major companies in the U.S. It was a really cool thing to visit and some people on the team also purchased.

Later on in the day we went back to Cite Soleil and had play time with the kids. It was a very crazy time but also very fun. A few things we did was color, jump rope, dance, etc. For a lot of us it was very overwhelming in a few ways. There was not only a lot of kids there but adults and teenagers to who were eager to hang out with us and with only 17 on the team we all were swarmed by women braiding our hair, kids climbing on us, and other kids who wanted to dance. Even though there was an overwhelming amount of people there was also an overwhelming amount of love given out. God really opened our eyes today to what a day in a life of a Haitian in Cite Soleil really looked like. There was a lot of smiles, laughs, and even some fighting from some six year olds or as a boy told me "they have beef." Over all it was a heart-warming morning where we could just chill and hang out with the people of Cite Soleil with no distractions!

After snack time we took a nice loooooooong drive on over to Laloo (orphanage). When we showed up, we were serenaded by the children and it touched our hearts deeply. We gave the kids a faith lesson on the the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and Jesus feeding thousands (Amen!). After the faith lesson we played with the kids which consisted of  soccer, volleyball, jump rope, painting nails, drawing, etc.  Every interaction with the children and there need to be touched, gives each of us a sense of purpose and helped each every one of us draw nearer to God. Then after play time the kids gave us a tour of the orphanage. In the orphanage there is a pharmacy, bedrooms with bunkbeds, and the gathering room. We had to say "orevwa" (goodbye) and every goodbye is sad because of the Godly connection we have made. When we got back after the hot day our spaghetti dinner was smokin' hot and ready... and WOW it was good!

Haiti has opened our eyes and hearts to see people that have little to nothing but an infinite amount of love from Christ. Every spot we visited the Haitians welcomed us with open arms.  the team has made has made a very tight bond that has turned into a family unit.

with love,
Karenna, Sophia, and the man Jezi (Jesus in Haitian Creole) Himself

PS were all saved BY JEZI... can I get an AMEN!!!! love you mom, dad, Hank, and Kobe