Friday, September 14, 2018

Day 5 : Water Truck : Fleri Farm : Grocery Store Adventure

This morning some of our team got up before the roosters were crowing and started our morning with worship at the Church On The Rock...WOW what a POWERFUL service in so many ways!  It is amazing to see what God has done with what started  as a tent church where people gathered to pray for the loss of loved ones after the earthquake 8 years ago!  This now has become a large, beautiful tin building with hundreds of chairs and even a balcony. .. Every day people come to pray but Friday is special.  Friday is for worship and praise only, a day set aside for no requests, glory only to our amazing Father!  Some of the worship music was in Creole and some even in English!  We had a nice walk back to have breakfast as a team made by wonderful women who have been feeding us so well all week and we are so thankful.
 It was another day to reflect on how blessed we are as we delivered water at two stops.  We saw some familiar faces of our friends at stop 17 and really enjoyed helping our friends with supplying that is so easily accessed back home, despite the tire issue with our transportation.  It is so fun to see the excitement of the children as we arrive!  In between the water truck stops we returned to the farm and had a tour by Kenneth.  It was amazing to see how his passion for this vision is playing out with support of friends of Healing Haiti!  It is wonderful to hear how the vision is helping the community be sustainable for job creation and what the farm is producing!  The respect Healing Haiti has for the community has been building respect in return and it is wonderful to see!  God is opening doors here beyond what we can imagine!
  We returned back to the house to yet another amazing meal and have been so blessed by the care the men and women here have for us.  We had quick trip to a Haitian grocery store and then joined on the rooftop with the other team here to be taught some salsa dancing. Thank you Jean Pierre  for you patience and time out of your day to teach us!
Thank you for your continued support of our team with your prayers and encouragement, we appreciate all of you!  May God continue to bless you as He has blessed each of us!