Friday, October 28, 2016

KCC Day #5

"God is on the move, God is on the move, Hallelujah!"

Starting off with an early morning, headed over to the local Haitian church, the Church on the Rock. This feeling of being connected with the community despite the obvious difference such as cultural and language bariers, were far surpassed by serving the same God. Worshiping with them in their home church, in their community, was really awesome. We worshiped along side them, they even sang some English songs with us, making us feel so welcome while we visited. There is just something about this community that is so warm and loving, feeling God in the midst of it was evident.

We headed to the Home for the Sick & Dying Adults next. What a humbling experience that blessed us in so many ways!! We went from room to room, painting the women's finger nails, praying over them, singing, and even dancing.  It was powerful to see these sick and dying women dancing and worshipping when clearly they are in so much pain. Even in their poor health conditions, they still were joyful and enthusiastic and happy to see us! How humbling it was as these women ask for us to massage their fragile and weak limbs. God really stretched us, pulling us out of of comfort zone, making us rely on His strength and peace as He used us to serve others. What an honor it was to get down on our knees as we rubbed feet and painted toe nails. God is on the move, using us to touch and live out the Gospel in their lives.

We ended out our day on the field with a visit to La Loo Orphange. It was amazing interacting with the kids. They were so ecstatic over just bubbles and jump ropes, so simple but yet bringing so much joy.  The Bible talks about in Matthew 18:3 having a child like innocence and faith. I can't help to be reminded that this is what God is talking about, these kids with very basic needs and unlimited child like innocence and faith. Something about their joy in the simple things puts my heart in over flow. It still amazes me at how needy they are for the basics such as love, so eager and open to complete strangers. They would jump into our arms, literally, and never want to let go. Just leaves me full.

Our words for the day are: Strength, complete, community, humbling, enthusiastic, touch, continue, and connected.

- Danika & Stephanie