Thursday, March 14, 2019

Day 3 - Water Truck Day

Dear friends and family,
      Today was water truck day 1. The first thing we did was pick up our water truck at the truck stop, and from there we went to Hope School, Church, and Clinic. There, we were able to tour their school and said hi to some of the kids. After that we made our way to our first stop in Cite Soleil. There we delivered water to the people and played with the kids. We were able to see some kids that we recognized from last year and some of them recognized us too.
       After our 1st stop we went back to Hope and toured their new technology and sewing pods. In the technology pod there were TV's, iPads, and Mac Books. The staff there explained to us their new methods of teaching the kids and their vision for the future. In the sewing pod there were multiple sewing machines and other supplies to create clothes and other useful items. Many Haitians only know a traditional style of teaching and these pods are a new way of teaching.  At Hope, they want to continue to build more pods elsewhere to give the Haitians the chance to have the same opportunities that we would back in the states.
       Then we went to our 2nd stop and delivered more water. At this stop there was one little girl in particular that I remembered from last year. She came up to me right when we got to that stop and didn't let me go until we shut the door to the tap-tap. At our 3rd stop we went to the fishing docks with the kids and played with them there. Then we went to where the water truck was and helped people carry their buckets of water to their houses. Our favorite part of today was playing with all the kids and seeing so many familiar faces. It was an amazing day and one that many of us will remember.

                     Love, Lawna & Molly (Leanna & Mallory)