Thursday, May 2, 2019

Miraculous-Wayzata EBC

Miraculous. Simply miraculous, Each new day shows us more miracles that God has restored hope in Haiti. Today we took part in the Elder program through Grace Village. We rode out towards the mountains and on our way up a hill we visited three different elder homes. God called us to wash their feet and give them food and drink. The first was an 85 year old man and his brother, which is a miracle in and of itself since 50% of Haitians are 25 years and younger. He was blind and half deaf but the evidence of his appreciation and love was in his smile and touch. The next stop was a women so gracious, beaming with contagious joy. The final stop was with a married couple, deeply needing prayer for their pains and son's sickness. During all these visits, the team joined in song while a Healing Haiti staff translated to Creole verses and interpreted our prayers. Other members were also called to play with the neighborhood children in these places, who were clearly positively impacted. After this we were pleased with a tour at Grace village, which was hopeful to see growth in care of the community for taking in children for family style homes, education, a clinic, and church. We were especially welcomed by a two year old who the community is raising together and has blessed us with his youth.  Next, we toured and dined at Fleri bakery/restaurant. We listened to Jake, a long term missionary, testify to the greatness of job creation. He shared his experience working hand in hand with Haitians to bring more jobs to the community for them to flourish in their environment. It was awe-inspiring and delicious! Tomorrow brings another water-truck day and a visit to home for sick and dying babies. God is good.
Bon nwi (goodnight), Aly

Reflection EBC Wayzata

Bonju (Good Morning),
As the week progresses, each morning another person joins me at my "secret" spot to watch the sunrise. We awaken at 5:30 am, coffee starts to brew and we begin our day in the darkness. In the complete silence, the first rooster begins to crow. A glimpse of light.  Then then there are two, three, four roosters and they join a systematic breathtaking medley, a beautiful medley, I call, Awaking Our Community.  

Yesterday was amazing.  Being filled with the Holy Spirit, each woman and Cory pushed themselves selflessly, to serve.  I don't want to minimize the word amazing by using it excessively, however each team member was amazing.  Seeing the pure joy in each person as they loved on our children, carrying 5 gallon buckets of water over and over until their hands were sore, not complaining.  Raw, that is the reality of Cite Soleil, the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere. I am truly humbled. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead this team, I am humbled by the resilience of my Haitian friends. Humbled, just ponder that word for a moment, humbled. When was the last time you were truly humbled?
In His name,