Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Northgate In Haiti (Day 2)

Today the group took the tap-tap down to City Soleil to help with the water truck. When we entered the first place, it was amazing to see all the people grabbing anything that could hold just a little bit of water. The water holders ranged from huge jugs that were almost as tall as some of the team, to tiny little mugs that didn’t hold much.

When we all stepped off the tap-tap we were greeted by all the children. They all just wanted to be held. The first little boy I was holding wanted to play with my hair the whole time and he gave me so many kisses. We all held so many kids and carried so many buckets. It was so cool to see how excited all the kids were to see the water truck. When we were filling the buckets some of the kids would pour the water on their heads and rush to get back in line. It was super cool to experience.

At first, today made me sad to see how all these people lived, but by seeing how all the people interacted with each other and us at the end of the day, I didn’t see anyone acting negatively to us. It made me realize how thankful they were just to have us there and that was the coolest thing I saw today.

Mya Skaare

Today we explored all over Delmas, Port au Prince and City Soleil. We helped with the water truck and providing water to the communities in city Soleil. It was impactful seeing all the little kids and adults alike fighting over water which is something that we take for granted in the U.S.  Holding all the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces was really cool.

It was crazy how the kids in City Soleil literally have nothing and how they are still happy to see us. All of the people around us have super happy attitudes no matter their situation and it really makes me realize how much we need to change our attitudes. Another thing we did was, we went to the farm that healing Haiti recently purchased and the farm that our church helped raised money to build the fence around it.

Mara Janiak