Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ose-Gerst (Alpha Team) Day 3

Today was an amazing day!  Our team started at Home for the Sick & Dying Children.  There were families waiting to get their children into the facility from the time we came until we left.  It was heart-breaking to see these sweet kids crying from their cribs for someone to pick them up, and as lunch started coming around, they all wanted to be heard & fed at the same time.  We got to snuggle and play and sing and pray silently over these precious ones.  I was able to hold it together while there, but was overcome with emotions as I left.  I'll never forget those sweet faces and the opportunity to love on those precious ones. 

From there we rode the tap tap to MUPANAH, the National History Museum of Haiti.  This was an interesting stop, seeing some artifacts such as the anchor of the Santa Maria ship and the Haitian flag & moon rocks that were sent from our President Nixon after landing on the moon.  We also got a tour/mini history lesson of the nation.  Possibly most importantly, it was also our first time in an air-conditioned building since our arrival.

Our last stop of the day was at an orphanage where we got to play with more sweet kids - coloring, face painting (on us with white skin), jump roping - my first time in about 20 years, piggy back rides, and of course a little soccer.

I got a ride in the front cab of the tap tap on the way back to our guest house, which gave me a "better" view of the city, and got me closer to the action of the no-traffic-laws-traffic.  Yikes..  I think what I gathered is that bigger & faster have the right of way.

I am loving Haiti, the people, and my experience here!  And I love that Healing Haiti has a constant presence, serving here.  My time here is just a small blip, but Healing Haiti is making a continual difference here.  The need is overwhelming, but just like Jesus multiplied the fish & bread, I see how he is multiplying efforts here as well.

Feeling thankful in Haiti!  Bon Soir!

Rachel Folden
Team 1

Dan Leslie - Team Texas - June 13, 2016 (Day 8)

Day 8 - Back Home with Haiti in Our Hearts & Memories in our Minds

Word(s) of the Day: Jesus is Everywhere!

There is obviously a stark contrast in my day today, in the United States, in comparison with yesterday, in Haiti. Today I am sitting in an (air-conditioned) classroom learning about the latest features of Windows 10 and how augmented reality could play a part in our digital classrooms. Just a few days ago I went to a brand new school in Haiti that included 2 things in each classroom - a chalkboard and desks. God is in both places and learning will happen in both places. Our trip home went very well in regards to travel, luggage and conversations about our work. Never doubt the power of a group of people in matching t-shirts! People pay attention and if they are bold, they will even ask questions. I felt Jesus' presence in Haiti in a way that I struggle to feel back home. I know that Jesus is everywhere but there were A LOT more signs when we were on the way home, even at In and Out Burger?!?!?. Below is a few pictures...

Don't forget you don't have to go somewhere to see Jesus, He is everywhere. Mark, one of the guest house long-term missionaries reminded us that during Jesus' ministry He served so many others but he also allowed himself to be served. He didn't worry about having food and shelter, he relied on others for that. We are called to serve others but we also need to allow ourselves to be served. We have to be filled so we can fill others. We have time, treasure and talents that we need to share them with others but we also need to let others help us in the areas we struggle. Its okay to know we need others but don't forget we need Jesus too. I am so appreciative of our trip to Haiti and I am so appreciative that Jesus finds me worthy of being His hands and feet. Merci Jezi!