Friday, June 15, 2018

Northgate In Haiti (Day 4)

So today we did three things. First we went to church. It was so cool. The people here just love Jesus with all their hearts and you can really tell Jesus is here in Hati. The second thing was going to see and play with the children in City Soleil. The kids there are so fun and just want to be loved. When we went the first time this week I really didn’t like it. I thought it was just crazy. Then this time I felt so comfortable and had such a fun time. I just really enjoyed it. The third thing we did today was go to an orphanage for children with disabilities. They may look, talk, or walk different but they are just the same as you and me. They are some of the nicest sweetest smartest children we have met all week. I think that was probably the best thing I have done this week. Those kids were so amazing. This whole entire trip is also so amazing. We are experiencing so many awesome things that I thought I would never see. So just thank you Jesus for this amazing trip and all the amazing times and friends I have met here.

Isaac Perkins

We started the day by attending Church on the Rock. It was really humbling to see these people who do not have much, dress up in there best and attend church every day. Walking around, pacing, and praying with each other, the Haitians were not shy about there faith. It gave me a feeling of inadequacy as I observed their extreme faith. During the afternoon, Healing Haiti visited a special needs orphanage to interact with the children. Although the children may be mentally or physically disabled, they were very happy and content with their plight.  Amazingly, they can still play stunning soccer and beat me at throwing/catching balls, which, unfortunately, does not take much. I played with a girl, Somali, who just wanted to be hugged and touched. Touch is such a valuable thing in Haiti, and the children here love hugs! Yes, the children are different from us, but we still all need the same things to survive. This experience has been life changing, and I thank Jesus for giving me this opportunity.

Eliana Kuehn

The Church on the Rock, is a worship service that I wish every person could experience.  The Haitians start every day by walking, singing and praising the Lord.  Unhinged worship and praising the Glory of God.  Can you imagine worshiping without hesitation, just giving your all to God in every moment of the day?  As I watched and admired members of the congregation, I couldn’t help to think about my own faith.  Why do I hold back?  Why don’t I publicly show God my faith?  I heard a message once, if a stranger walked into your home would they know you are a Christian?  We attend weekly mass and may hang crosses on our walls but if a stranger walked up to you on the street, would they know you are a Christian?  In Haiti, you do know.  Throughout the week, we have been greeted with Bone-Jay Benny oo (God Bless You).  It doesn’t matter which city, orphanage, or person we have had the honor to meet, each one pronounces their Faith with passion.

Before coming, people told me this trip would change my life.  It is hard to even put into words, how this trip opens your heart, your eyes and pushes you to get uncomfortable with discovering your own true passion for God.  Washing the feet of the elders yesterday, humbled me.   

Pastor Steve, Sarah, and Mary accompanied an interpreter and two Pastors from Hope Church to visit the elders in Cite’ Soleil while the rest of the group and I played with the children.  They danced and wanted to be loved.  We also were able to serve the children of Hope Church School lunch.  The school lunch is not like the American school lunches.  Students are served Haitian food, containing rice, beans, chicken and Haitian sauce. These beautiful children in their purple checkered uniforms would greet us by chanting “Hey You, Mama, Hey You, Papa”. 

This afternoon we had the privilege of visiting an orphanage for those with special needs.  The children had a variety of disabilities.  All were amazing beautiful souls.  Sierra had created a craft that all the children loved.  We chalked, played tic-toe, soccer etc. 
We spent a relaxing evening cooling off the pool.  Beware parents, your children just bought a bottle of hot sauce… 

Bone-jay benny oo (God Bless You) all!

Regan Skaare