Thursday, August 22, 2019

Team Lighthouse Christian Church/Kremer Day #3

       Today we visited kids at Laphare orphanage and saw Papillon, a place where parents find employment and daycare help. They build things from like bracelets, necklaces, purses, metal signs, pottery, and ornaments plus more. They sew, make the pottery from dirt and fire it in their own kilns. Also some jewelry is made of cereal boxes, but is polished and hardened and sold. Together with a quality restaurant. It was started to help employ parents and help the economy, by allowing parents to keep their children with the steady income provided through Papillon. It is a very admirable and courageous thing, from all aspects. We all purchased a lot there in support of what they’re doing.
       I should introduce my team too; Wayne who’s been here several times knows everyone and this year is an observer, but also is the cool collected wiseguy. Ellie is a leader who’s fun and has many ideas as we go from place to place and puts up with with our banter at her expense. Kalli, the other leader, makes sure things run smooth behind the scenes. Dave the other experienced one who cracks jokes on me and everyone at our expense and sometimes his, but still is a good source of knowledge. The rest of us are newbies-Hannah a bold up front, but very caring girl with the kids, Lily a very caring independent girl with a gentle heart to touch each child, Noah the kid that wants to do all right by the kids, but yet sees the big picture of helping the parents and economy to improve conditions in Haiti and Cite Soleil. Kyle (Noah’s dad) The one who asks probing questions and shows deep love on each child. India who loves on each child and actually helps behind the scenes with caring for us and our needs. She also has a personality to light us up and takes the jabs sent her way in stride. We love her. Andy I’ve known the longest, but someways not as well as I thought. He really can be funny and stranger than I thought, but he also really loves on the kids.
       A very good group that gets closer each day! Love them all!
      Now back to the kids at Laphare. We played hard right off the the Tap Tap (our transportation to orphanages, hospitals, shops and water truck runs. It’s a rattly, bumpy ride to help those in need of love hope and someone to hold on to and with and if even for a short hour or 2)
      Ok we get off tap and the kids between 2 and 12 years old grab us and we play soccer, jump rope, color, dance, shoot through holes in the wall with the balls, and paint. Just anything for fun and make them feel precious love and hope from our Godly group. While their love and laughter rings in our hearts and gives them sweet dreams of the next visitors from the next team. Spreading more and more hope, joy, and future dreams. All for now! 
      Love you family friends and all.