Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 2: Drawing Strength

Today was our first day out in the field. I don’t think any of us had any preconceived ideas of what the day would hold. Some are new to this, and some are veterans. We went to Carrfour, the Haitian museum (or MuPaNah), and an orphanage. It is amazing how walking into each of these places you’re thinking, “Ok, I know what I need to do and what we’re here for”. Then the reality sinks in through your eyes and into your heart. Being the hands and feet of Jesus isn’t difficult. The heart that they carry though, the hurt it see’s, the pain, the struggle, and still the need for great love: that’s where the true burden lies. There was one woman today, in the last room, who was older, had black spots all over her arms and legs, and tears were streaming down her deformed face. She was beautiful and she was struggling. She spoke softly and though we couldn’t understand her words, we understood what they meant: “I’m dying and I want to go.” That packs a punch right to the feels. I didn’t want to cry in front of any of them, not because of pride, but because I wanted them to be encouraged and strengthened by our visit. Once I got out of that room, I struggled to hold the tears in. Tonight they will come down like the huge drops of rain we just enjoyed. What a gift to be stretched by our Potter. Some of the pieces hurt while they’re being put into place. I look forward to the end result, a work God will continue in me for the rest of my life. Through the rest of this week, I’m sure many more tears will come. All I can think about is Jesus. He had people constantly following Him who were suffering physically, and this Guy could see into the hurt of their hearts. How did He not just cry all the time? Well, I think I’ve figured it out: He drew strength from His Father. And He did cry. A couple times that we know of. Jesus saw through their suffering and through their pain to what their end result was going to be. He didn’t rush through it. Jesus knew exactly what they needed: His life. Wow. And doesn’t He call us to do the same, only emotionally and spiritually? Oh and I should add that He was God and He healed them of their illness (in fact bruised and beaten for it). We can’t forget that He tells us that His disciples will do even greater miracles that He did. Say what?! So hope is never lost. God’s will WILL be done. And His love never fails. We ended our day on a glorious note: we went to an orphanage where the kids were so happy to see us (and the chalk we brought). They would hold your hand, draw with you, or play tic-tac-toe. One even loved the red hair, with a red headband. They freely gave what they had: affection. That’s the lesson of the day for me.