Wednesday, November 11, 2015

day 3: cite soleil

Day 3
November 11th, 2015

Whaddup, its Monica, Kalley, and Sierra coming at ya live from Haiti.

    Well by now you can probably assume our mornings start early and we have the same routine, which is wake up, get ready, eat, and have our daily morning devotion featuring DJ Kari. From there we all climb on the top top and were off. You may be asking off to what? Today, we are off to Cite Soleil to deliver water to some of the poorest slums in the western hemisphere. The scenery on the way to the water truck stop consists of mountains, goats, and lots and lots of traffic. The driving in Haiti is quite bizarre to say the least. We all get a tad bit nervous with the crazy drivers out here in Haiti. It didn't help that we saw two terrible accidents in the past 24 hours.
   On this particular day, we stopped at 3 different water truck stops. Each one was the same, but at the same time a completely different setting. One stop a nice and organized stop, while the next one could be extremely hectic. When people were budging the line and not listening, our translators would throw the buckets on the roof! The kids were so happy to see us there! They were asking our names, wanting to be held, and did the 'Whip" with us! It was so fun to play with them when they get limited attention at home. It was such a rewarding day.

     A lot of the kids seemed to be really aggressive today, there was a little boy with a hat that other kids kept trying to take from him, which caused him to try to fight back by punching the other kids. A couple people on our team had bobby pins and hair ties taken out of their hair just because the kids want anything they can get their hands on. All the younger girls like to braid hair so we all had our hair getting braided without even asking! Overall it was a really hectic, eye-opening day and we're all thankful to be here serving and getting to know the little kiddos of Haiti.