Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mountaintop Experience

We started our Sunday with worship service at Port-Au-Prince Fellowship, an English-speaking church. They greeted us with cinnamon rolls, coffee, and juice, what a treat! After a half an hour of rousing worship, Pastor Daniel moved into a sermon about becoming masters over sin. Even though the service was thought-provoking, our team was exhausted after our week of stretching, and several members of the group may or may not have nodded off. Still, at the end of the service we were excited to get the chance to spend the day in relaxation.

We hopped into the tap tap and started up the mountain. Our first stop was a hot, dusty, but still lovely roadside market. Many members of our team found just the perfect gift for someone back home (or themselves). After a brief interlude at the market, we continued our sojourn up the mountain. As the air cooled and the views expanded, our spirits were lifted. At the top, we were able to shop at a variety of vendors. Through shrewd bartering and persistence, many masterful oil paintings were obtained. We also were able to enjoy a satisfying meal with a spectacular view of Port-Au-Prince below. It was a refreshing change of perspective to be able to see Haiti both literally and mentally in a new way.

Back at the guesthouse, some ventured to the Elite Hotel for a final dip in the pool and cold Coke. Others lounged and contemplated. After dinner we had our final pit time of the trip, with lots of reflection, worship and prayer. Now we are finishing up our last blog post as others bustle around packing their bags and preparing to depart. We should probably do the same!

Terry and Maggie