Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tis the Day to Flourish!

Today was another day of great "firsts" for me.  Our eyes and hearts were opened by worshiping at Church on the Rock.  Seeing the sunrise to Haitians who love their Lord so much shows me how we all need to have more gratitude for the simple things...that is where JOY really comes from.

With the last two days being so physically and emotionally demanding, it was a great REJUVINATION day.  We were so fortunate to visit Grace Village...a place where God has placed miracles to those who believe. Yes...a clinic, school, orphanage, a bakery and restaurant with so many more dreams in the forefront.  It astounds me that one vision from one person could change a small piece of the world that needs every blessing possible. 

Thank you Alyn Shannon and Jeff Gacek for your vision.

It is beyond words to be a part of this mission be the hands and feet of Christ to our Healing Haiti elders.  We washed their feet, pampered them with lotion and massages to make this one day a special one to honor them...especially their faithfulness to the Lord.  Their stories touch your heart and ones I will never forget.

To my team...thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. How you serve is incredible.

Jacque #1 :)

"Give me Your eyes, Lord."  This was my prayer this morning.  A desperate prayer to God to break through my fears and give me His eyes to see people the way He does. We started off the morning bright and early at the Church of the Rock.  This church meets every morning at 6 am and people come before work to praise God.  As I sat in the service, God showed me the beauty in Haitian worship.  As we walked back to the guesthouse, we passed men and women going to work and children going to school. Instead of just looking straight ahead, focused on my destination, I looked each person in their eyes and I saw what Jesus

We then piled into the tap tap and headed to Titanyen to visit some elderly men and women in their homes to wash their feet, sing and pray with them.  As I massaged the feet of these precious, wise Haitians, I looked into their eyes and saw what Jesus

After our elder visits, we visited Fleri Resto and Bakery and Grace Village.  As Jacque #1 wrote above, this is a miraculous place.  There is so much amazing work being done here and it could only be done by God's mighty hand.  When I looked around at the faces of the children in Grace Village, I saw what Jesus sees...hope.

This has been a day of beauty, love and hope.  Thank you Jesus for giving me Your eyes to see.

Jacquie #2