Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Double Cody's Team Wednesday October 24 2018

ALO Friends

Day 3 was filled with some great opportunities to hear and see God's plan for the Healing Haiti people.  We visited a local recycling organization that takes discarded water bags and turns that into purses, a remarkable transformation.  What struck the whole team was not only how the young owner employed local Haitians but also how she  encouraged them to share how they performed their jobs and something they like to do in English.  Her intent is to create a certain confidence in communicating in English while also assisting them in learning valuable job skills.  She is a very inspiring young woman who allowed us to catch a glimpse of  who is truly being lead by God in the world's challenges but also in his ability to use us to transform other believers.  Unbelievable that they are taking plastic trash thrown out and turning it into practical artistic works of Art. 

One of our favorite stops is a school on the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince where we get have fun and  play soccer, color and paint nails of some wonderful little ones.  The Double Cody's  traveling soccer team continues to struggle to win against these gifted 8-10 year old boys.   The leader of this school seems to have such a wonderful way to build young people in confidence and manners.  We are amazed as to how we are accepted and there desire to interact with us. 

In mid afternoon, we split the team town the middle with half going to a children's Hospital to minister to babies and toddlers. This group experienced a wonderful way to minister to some sick children; holding, hugging and feeding them.  This was a very heart wrenching experience to partner with the staff to love on some of God's little ones. 

The other Group spend time playing basketball, soccer, jump rope and allowing young girls to paint their own nails as well as some of us.  We learned fairly quickly that these youngsters spoke English very well.  Those kids "done" wore us out.