Wednesday, January 16, 2019

SV Day Three -Water Truck

Today our team ventured out into one of our longest days: water truck day in Cite Soleil. It doesn't matter if it is your first visit or your 10th visit, nothing in this world can prepare you for water truck day.

Our team woke up, had breakfast, and shuffled into the tap-tap after our morning prayer. The drive is slightly longer than the ones we have experienced so far while being here. With that being said, the team was able to see many new things. The difference between Cite Soleil and Port Au Price is shocking. Many of us had the understanding that Port Au Price was an underprivileged area when we first arrived, but upon reaching Cite Soleil our eyes were opened to so much more than we had expected and seen in our short time here. 

Before heading out to deliver free water we stopped at the newly open Hope Clinic. Our guide explained to us how the people in this specific community are in dire need of not only medical attention but also education and prevention methods. It was a blessing to witness and experience the progress that has been made in Cite Soleil so far through the Hope Clinic.

Our team was also blessed to see the new education implementation that is being started in Hope School. We met with a wonderful Haitian man named Ash who shared the vision God put on his heart to help the children and teachers in the community learn in a new way that will change the future of education in Cite Soleil and hopefully one day, in all of Haiti.

Once we stepped outside the gates of the clinic and school we were able to see the streets colored with different clusters of adults working, children playing, and animals roaming around in search of food. Our tap-tap was followed by a large water truck that was ready to distribute water to people lined up and down the street with buckets in hand. Walking up to a situation like this can be overwhelming for many but our team allowed God to lead them  and guide their steps in this new and uncomfortable experience. 

As a team we worked together on the water hose: one person in the back holding the hose up, one in the middle as support, and on in the front guiding the clean & free water flowing out into the never ending rotation of buckets that was ahead of us. While three people worked the hose in a rotation, the rest of team was either helping carry buckets to peoples homes or loving on children and communicating the people of the community.

This is one of the days we truly realize that we do not have much to offer the Haitian people other than our love and support by being there. We also have the opportunity to realize just how much the Haitian people have to offer us in their love, worship, acceptance, and joy. The love of The Lord shines through every pearly white smile we see. God is everywhere in Haiti. In the hugs, in the attempts to communicate, in the laughter, in the smiles and kisses and the deep embraces we each experienced with at least on child. It didn't matter if the kids were soaking wet from the water hose or even half dressed, we welcomed their love as if they were Jesus himself. 

We were blessed to share this day with one another.

Blessings <3