Monday, July 18, 2016

Ray Team 1 Day 1 Arrival @ Guesthouse

What is it that makes a team?  Someone that is willing to lay aside their agenda and step out into the unknown.  Someone who is willing to push through adversity and completely open themselves up to the will of God expecting nothing in return other than to do His will by whatever abilities God has given each man and woman.  
Our Journey began at LAX yesterday evening despite construction high security and traffic delays.  Each person, however tested pushed through without complaining.  Conquering TSA screening was finally achieved and we eventually made it to Miami and on to Port-Au-Prince airport.  Up to this point with little or no sleep, hot sweltering heat and a crushing mob of humanity all pressing in to secure a handout.  Finally despite misplacing several documents we were able to burst out into a clearing from the mass of people pressing in on us and out in the distance walked Maxwell to the rescue.  
I am convinced that God personally picked each and every one on our team.  Sure the first day was tough but each of our team jumped in and tackled whatever task was placed in front of them.  We will forget the toil of the heat and the loss of sleep from the first day on our bodies but I will not forget our team's perseverance.  With arms open wide and palms up we will move forward into whatever challenge or task is placed before us tomorrow.  God speak to their hearts tonight and give them strength for whatever tomorrow may bring.
Just before bed you Father brought the cleansing, and comforting rain of a fresh new day.  Thank you that you are in control of all we say and do.   Make us your hands and your feet for your will to be done this week in Haiti.