Monday, August 7, 2017

Ray's Team - JOF Day 1

Hello readers!

We successfully made it to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti; thankfully our airport travels went smoothly.Well, other than a slight incident with some granola bars at security...

Once we arrived at the airport, we immediately noticed how far a smile and hug can go and that language barriers have nothing on us and the love of Jesus. At the house, we all spent some time bonding and resting after a long night and day of traveling. The guest house that we are staying in is surrounded by lush trees and lots of dogs! We just had some delicious dinner made for us by a few lovely ladies, a little devotional time, and are now going to get some sleep before starting service tomorrow! Tomorrow we will be visiting an orphanage and doing VBS with the children; we are so excited!

We thank you for your prayers thus far. We are so grateful that we all arrived safely and again, are so excited for our week to begin! We ask for continued prayers. We pray for open minds and open hearts this week. We pray for flexibility and willingness to go wherever God leads us and to do whatever He asks of us. We pray that we honor and represent the pure grace and love of Jesus Christ with kind souls and happy hearts. We pray that the Holy Spirit moves through us and helps the Haitians wherever possible, and that we are present so that we too can see whatever it is that the Lord wants to show us, through our works and through interactions with the Haitians. Lastly, we pray that ALL GLORY go to GOD and for the understanding that we are so privileged that God has chosen us to do His work.

Stay tuned for posts from our team members as we reflect on our days here in Haiti! We are expecting to have some powerful days ahead of us!

Chloe Basmajian
Haiti JOF team 2017