Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Day 3 - Communication!

Bonsoir, mwen rele Kerry R. (Good afternoon, my name is Kerry R.). 

Today was Day 3.  At the end of each day we spend about an hour or so sharing about our day as a group.  Where did you see Jesus today?  Were there any lows?  What is your word of the day? 

Our first stop was a Haitian run coffee company called Singing Rooster.  The owner spoke in Creole while our Healing Haiti guide translated for us, sharing how the company was founded and how the coffee making process works.  A 30 foot square patch of the roof held beans roasting in the hot sun, waiting for %12 humidity to read on the testing tool.  Inside were dozens and dozens of bags of beans as well as one large and loud machine used to separate the outer "shell" of the bean.  One of the final steps was done by several women who worked together at tables.  Their job was to remove any rotten or misshapen beans.  Although it may not seem like a coveted job, it was pointed out that these women had a job (uncommon), they got to sit down,it was out of the sun, they worked together.

Our second stop was the Metal Market.  Many men had a small room linked with many other small rooms in an area of Port-Au-Prince, each filled with metal art that they had created.  We were told it was expected that we would communicate to reach a fair price which went smoothly as many of the men knew numbers in English.  We watched as they pounded sheets of metal to create nativity scenes, ornaments, mirrors, bowls, Bible verses, even American college team logos.  They know what we will spend our money on, and we did!

Our final stop was Monfort, a school and home for deaf children.  We have played and interacted with children during water deliveries and visits to orphanages, but the language barrier has been discouraging at times.  We want to know their story or even just their name.  Today however, we could spell with our fingers!  We quickly learned the words for friend, sister, brother, age, love...and their eyes would light up!  Ours too!  Many of the kids were the same age as the 5 daughters that are with us, and just like kids in America, they wanted to find things in common.  "I have a sister, too" they would sign.  Our entire team agreed Monfort was a highlight of the trip so far.

During our sharing time at the end of the day, Kate and I agreed that our word of the day was "communication."  It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth trying!