Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Water Truck Day

We have arrived in Haiti and are doing very well! Most of the team spent Sunday night in Miami to fly out to Port-au-Prince on Monday. We met up with our two Ohio team members and we were FINALLY all ready to go! We got settled in and began getting to know each other!

Today was water truck day. We were able to see where the water trucks are filled up before they head out to Cite Soleil. When we got to Cite Soleil we were greeted with "Hey You, Hey You!". When the door opened, we were met with smiling faces and outstretched arms waiting to be held. We got right to work holding and snuggling kids, carrying and filling buckets and playing games. We visited three different neighborhoods and the kids were very excited at each stop.

We have ten children (ages 10-15) on our team. They did very well overall, but it is very hard to see such poverty and have kids beg to be held. That can become very overwhelming. 

We visited Hope Church, School and Clinic. We saw the sewing pod and innovation lab where we could see where they are creating jobs and helping the children of one of the poorest areas of the Western Hemisphere learn. One of our favorite things was to help delivered meals to classrooms in the school! We were at pier to see the ocean and we got to see our old friend.

Here are some thoughts from the kiddos today...
The kids were very excited and they wanted attention. Kai

It was fun. - Ethan

Kids liked to learn about us. - Riley

It was fun to see how interested the Haitian kids looked at our differences (skin color, hair, etc). - Sara and Tyson

We are all well and looking forward to a good night's sleep and a full day tomorrow!
Peace - Marni


Today we arrived in Haiti just after 8am.  After getting settled into the guesthouse we headed out to serve at The Home for Sick and Dying Babies.  All 13 of us found a little child in a crib and took them outside to play after feeding them (some of us had one child in each arm).  The nuns that work at this home with the children are absolutely amazing!

Here are our teams words of the day:

  • Ann  - PEACE
  • Emily - SURREAL
  • Ava - HAPPY
  • Aiydan - HOME
  • Nick - LAUGHTER
  • Cory - SCARED
  • Andrea - HENSON
  • Lydia - TRUSTING
  • Brenna - GRATEFUL
  • Brandon - PROUD
  • Annette - CONFUSING
  • Shannon - JOY