Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Alleluia Youth Team - Day 2 - Water Truck Day


Day #2 of the Alleluia Youth Haiti Mission trip was a success! We started our day with an amazing breakfast cooked by some of the Healing Haiti staff. We then lathered up in sunscreen and bug spray for our day of distributing water. Here is a before picture of our day:

We had three stops on our water truck day with two tours in between our stops. Our first stop was outside Hope Church and was an eye-opening experience for us. We held children, filled water buckets, and helped the Haitian people carry then back to their homes. More pictures to be shared when we arrive home! After Stop #1, we had a tour of Hope Church and Hope School. These as well as Hope Clinic are established and ran by Healing Haiti. During our tour we got to visit the Innovation lab; which is a place that children can learn how to think critically, be creative, and problem solve on technology/resources provided to them in the lab. Like today, they were teaching them the importance of brushing their teeth! We then walked to Stop #2 and distributed water to another part of Citi Soleil. We held more children and continued the process of helping the Haitian people carry their water. On our second break we visited Fleri Farm and toured their fields. They grow hot peppers, coconuts, egg plant, sugar cane, papayas, lime trees, bananas, okra, cassava, and a few other things. We learned about the struggles of growing crops in the Haiti weather. At the end of the tour, we got to drink coconut water and eat the meat from the coconut. We then went to Stop #3 which was by the pier. It was the most chaotic stop of them all. Their was lots more kids and lots more water to distribute. After the water was distributed we went down to the pier and took this wonderful picture with some of our new zanmi's (friends). Here is that picture:

After the pier, we loaded back into the Tap Tap and traveled back to the guest house. Here is our after picture:

We finished our day with some showers, a wonderful meal, pray partner time, and group time. We also planned our VBS day for tomorrow, which I am sure you will hear about in tomorrows blog post. Overall, it was a day we will never forget. We can not wait to share more with you when we return home.

Thank you so much for the support you have shown our group! Bondye Beni ou (God bless you)!

Orevwa (Goodbye),

Madi and Tori :)