Saturday, January 19, 2019

Day Six - Mountain top and La Phare

We started our day with a wonderfully prepared breakfast by our Healing Haiti gals andtheir weeklong assistant Chad.

We then ventured up the mountain with a brief stop at the street side metal art vendors before reaching the top. Wow- what a view from the mountain top ! His artwork of surrounding  Port Au Prince. Haiti with mountains to the West and the ocean to the East- Majestic !
On the mountain top we enjoyed picture taking, street vendors and lunch. Experiencing street vendors is certainly a new experience for the new goers !  A great time had by All

We then ventured to La Phare Orphanage where we enjoyed playing with all the children. we played soccer, chalk writing, jump rope and of course dancing ! Edna brought her love for dance to the kids and they certainly put on a great show!
Exciting news at La Phare- they added a 2nd floor! a brand new floor furnished with many rooms, two large bathrooms ( all new fixtures) , new bunk beds, new thick mattresses, and  6 panel bedroom doors- truly a gift form God.

We ended our day with playing a few games and team sharing with " Jesus Calling" devotional

Team Thoughts:

Beauty is not in the view but how it is viewed ~ Chris

If you take time to find God, You will find the answer~ Lexi

Glwa pou Bondye  ~ Glory to God