Wednesday, April 19, 2017


My word for today was "Hope" and that is what I saw through out my day.

I started my day by helping to make breakfast with Christina and the lovely cooks of the house.  After a great meal we headed to our first place of ministry, a home for sick and dying babies.  It was a place for me full of hope and love.  Because I got to hold, hug, sing to, play with, feed, pray for and love on lots of babies. Families had the opportunity to visit with their babies and young children.

After lunch we headed to Dare's, a home for special needs children and young adults.  I met the famous, loudest hand clapper Fronzie who had a mighty voice also for singing to the Lord.  We sang and played with the kids and did wheel chair races around the court yard.

Our last stop for the day was the Apparent Project, a company that provides parents with jobs so they can take care of themselves and their families. They make hand crafted jewelry, pottery, printed shirts, bags, ect.  They now have over 200 employees, including a day care and kindergarten class for employee's children.  We enjoyed shopping and smoothies up on the terrace.

I finished my day with a swim at the local hotel, eating tacos and relaxing with my team members. Thanking God for an awesome day of serving with my team and being Jesus' hands and feet.