Friday, March 15, 2019

Day 5 - Elder Visits/Grace Village

Today we set out on the 45 minute drive to Grace village. On the way, we were able to listen to music that Cole had brought, making the long drive more enjoyable. When we made it to Grace Village, we started with a tour of the grounds. We started at the feeding center and from there, went to the dorm rooms and finally to the technology room. From the small tour we had, we were able to see the change God made in the small village. From there we left to visit the local elders of Titanyen. We made three stops, first of which was the house of Adre, an elderly man who was bedbound. When we arrived we made our way to his house where he was laying in bed. We started by washing his feet. He was longing for prayer for his children and for continued health. After that, we went off to the second house. We met Marieloude who was very grateful for our visit. Schneider prayed for her and she was so grateful that she teared up. The final stop was at the house of an elder named Mericia. She was so thankful for us coing to visit and serve, and she hugged us all with a joyful heart. As we bathed her feet, she was beaming with a smile. When we left the last elder we would visit that day, we were filled with hope and joy. Our final activity was a stop at Fleri, in Haitian meaning flourish. We were able to go on a tour of the factory where they made bread and other bakery items. After the tour, we were then able to order and eat pizza made on site. We had a good time and were able to get to know our group more. We then drove the long drive back to the guest house, did devotions, and played night games.