Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Alleluia Youth Team - Day 3 - KIDS KIDS KIDS!!!

Bonswa Zanmi yo, (Good Evening Friends)

     This morning some of us got up bright and early (Abby, Madi, Hailey and Kari) and cooked breakfast and made sandwiches for our team and the kids we served today.
     After breakfast we loaded the Tap Tap with all of our goods and headed to Le Phara's Orphanage to do a mini vacation bible school day. There we performed a skit based on the creation story, made play-dough, did a animal craft, watched animal capsules grow, danced with the kids and provided them a sandwich for lunch! Below we have attached some pictures of this fun experience.

     Once we returned to the guest house we all changed into our nice clothes to head to the house of sick and dying babies and children. When we arrived the sisters directed us to the toddler room. As soon as we entered the room each of the team members instantly found a child to love on as we were waiting for their dinner to be cooled down. We all got the opportunity to love on many children while we fed and interacted with them. This was an experience that touched all of our hearts and gave us a new perspective.
     Dinner was ready for us when we got to the guest house and we enjoyed our lasagna with a Hatian kick! After our meal we cooled down at the pool up the street, before we came back to the house to end our night.
Jezi renmen ou (Jesus loves you),

Abbi and Hailey