Thursday, November 7, 2019

Central Church Thursday: Water Truck Friendship

Bonswa our blog followers, thank you for your interest in our Mission.  

Today's edition will be brief but I didn't want you to miss a glimpse of our exhausting and rewarding day.  We had a second water truck day and made two stops!.  God and Healing Haiti were so gracious to us in providing us the privilege to serve the pier area of District 97 and Four Coffins in Cite Soleil. The team was resilient and endured a heat index of approximately 100 degrees while we helped deliver 6000 gallons of water.  In between stops, we had a chance to understand more about the Hope Medical Clinic and tour the Innovation Pod located on the Hope Campus.  The "pod" is a "tractor trailer body" equipped with state of the art information technology designed to educate Hope School children using innovative teaching methodologies such as problem solving learning versus traditional memorization techniques.  This pod is probably the most sophisticated technology in Haiti and it is located in the poorest community in the Western Hemisphere!

In devotion time this evening, we focused on the gift of friendship.  The friendships being created in this unique team, friendships with the long term missionaries, friendships with the Healing Haiti staff, and even the brief but powerful friendships with the children and adults we interacted with in Cite Soleil.

God is doing amazing things here and we are blessed to be simple witnesses to his presence here.  We all know we are making a difference by this trip, but mostly Jesus continues to grow in us and make a difference in our faith.

Word of the Day was again another powerful exercise.  I'll simply share mine:  Proud.
Proud to be a Co-Leader of this cohesive, humble, and tireless team...simply here to serve God, the staff of Healing Haiti, and the people of Haiti. 

Thank you to all for your prayers and spiritual and financial support.  We miss you all and will be home in a few days but also have a few more things that God wants us to accomplish down here.  While we might not know what is going to happen day to day....our team continues to embrace our journey as pioneers, paving the way for future Healing Haiti teams to come.

Til tomorrow, Blessings to all of you.

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