Monday, May 15, 2017

Kara & Karen's team - Day 1: Safe & Sound

Wow, what a day! I'd say a fair theme for the day today is safe and sound. Every destination we had today, we made it to safe and sound.

Our entire team of 16 made it to the airport right on time. Our flight from MSP to ATL was seamless, as was our flight from ATL into Port-au-Prince. From the airport, we made it to the Healing Haiti guesthouse safe and sound. We're all pretty exhausted from waking up somewhere in the 2am hour and our long day of travel, so this post will be fairly short. Here's some quick highlights from our first day:

  • Some of us got to check off a bucket list item at the Port-au-Prince airport when we got to de-board the plane using the ladder straight onto the runway
  • Someone in our group pointed out this evening that our team already feels like a family and I couldn't agree more. We all mesh so well with one another and are all so eager for what this week has in store. You can definitely feel the energy in the group! 
  • Our guesthouse compound has the sweetest guard dogs
  • We were all SO surprised to see how small our transportation truck is! It's called a tap-tap and I can't wait to show you guys pictures down the road of what it looks like to cram 16 people into this vehicle. It's pretty impressive! 
Tomorrow's plan consists of visiting a few orphanages but as we've already learned, plans can change. As I type this, almost everyone else is getting ready for bed so we can wake up refreshed, bright and early. We should have much more to share tomorrow and we can't wait to see what the day holds! On behalf of the entire team, thank you to everyone reading this for your prayerful support. We each are able to be here today because of your help and we are SO grateful. 

All for His glory,