Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Team Lighthouse Church/Kremer - Day 2

Day 2 - 

Today was day two of Haiti. With our hearts fully open from serving the prior day we headed out to three places. Our first stop, Artisan Vendors. There, we were able to buy all sorts of beautiful things from metal art to bracelets or paintings. At first thought this may not seem like serving. How are we serving others when we are buying things for ourselves? If you thought this, I am right there with you. However, being able to buy from the Haitian vendors allowed them to provide for themselves. This is how they make a living and they are proud of the work that they do. These are individuals who work effortlessly to make beautiful art in all forms. It was truly a blessing to be able to see all of the wonderful things they created and sow into their work.

Second stop, Dios. This by far will be a moment I will always keep close in my heart. At Dios we were able to spend time and show love to children with special needs. As I look around I am both in awe and wonder of all the beautiful children who at first glance may seem at a disadvantage or not happy because of their circumstances, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Each child full of joy and happiness from just being played with. It was so amazing to be able to look around and see each of my group members fully present and engaged with every child that was there. Halfway through we turned on some music and had a dance party. There was one special girl who had all the moves down. Every beat, every lyric, every sound she was right with it. It was an incredible sight. There is a verse in the Bible that says “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these…” Mark 10:14. I always wondered about this verse. What did it mean? Today I believe I saw what Jesus meant. These children rejoiced and danced for Jesus today. To see their laughs and how happy and joyous they were. They didn’t let their circumstance overcome them. That is what we should strive to be everyday. Like these amazing children who despite everything that they may be facing still rejoice in Jesus. Because he is good. Glory to God. It may be hard to take this in now. But there is a God above who cares and despite whatever you may be going through, he is good. 

Last stop, Home of the Sick and Dying. Before I go on, I want to say whatever I say will not do this place proper justice to how amazing and impactful the care and love that is in this place. Here we were able to hold and show love to babies and toddlers who are sick and parents cannot take care of them. The nuns who serve day and night to help take care of each and every baby, infant or child that lives with them. Their role is so pertinent to the lives of these children. Some children are severely ill while others parents just cannot afford to take care of them. So while there, we do all that we can to show love and care. There was a special moment where this little boy grabbed my hand and walked me outside to play. Him and I played for a little bit before I had to go. As I was leaving he slapped my hands and began to laugh. My heart both broke and was overjoyed. How can it be that you can feel so many things by just one moment? I was sad to be leaving him. I wanted so desperately to do more, love harder, play longer. But I couldn’t, it was time to go. As I walked away feeling heart wrecked I am reminded that these are God children whom he loves and takes care of. I am not leaving him in a place where no one cares. And if it's not me that is loving on him, playing with him or serving him in some way, someone else is. That is enough. It will have to be until I can come back and see him again. Today was a great day does lack in what today really was. I guess the only world I can describe for just a today is awe. Thank you Jesus for another day to be more like you and less of ourselves.