Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 3

What a Blessed and Beautiful day we have had today. We began by visiting an Orphanage “No Place Like Home”. I had the privilege of teaching the children through an Interpreter, how to work the craft we had provided, which told of the Plan of Salvation. As the children were coloring this craft I had the greater privilege of going through the Plan of Salvation with one of the staff members while showing him how the craft worked. Another staff member came over and joined us while I was speaking and each kept the craft to color themselves. We were able to provide one for each teacher there as well. While traveling in our Tap Tap, you recognize that there are no stop signs or lights and that turning left has the right away. Each bump we hit and turn we make is quite an adventure and much like a ride at an amusement park. Lots of talk and laughter along the ride. We visited Papillion, where we enjoyed food, fun and fellowship and a bit of shopping for friends and family (and self). Wherever you travel on these rough and bumpy roads you see evidence of Christ everywhere. Merci Jesus on many trucks, the Blood of Christ or God Bless painted on walls and vehicles. You can truly see the Lord working in this beautiful land. I have been blessed to travel with a team that you continually see the love of the Lord working in their hearts. Our final visit today was cut short in our hearts. We were all disappointed to leave early and no one wanted to leave at all. This was the home for sick and dying babies. We tried to hold each one but sadly there was not enough time, however we were able to feed many. Some will get better and go home someday, some may be there because they cannot be cared for in their homes, and yes, there were some that were so weak and emaciated that you felt they may be the ones that were dying. Yes, it is emotional for all of us. It breaks your heart in a way that you cannot put to words, but I find comfort in knowing that although they will not be in my arms, or in the arms of the Sisters, they will someday be in the arms of the Lord. I am so grateful to God that he has entrusted me to be the hands and feet of Christ. -Teresa S.

Today was one that showed us both ends of the spectrum…the hope of the wonderful Home Sweet Home orphanage and the Papillion organization, whose motto is “Orphan Prevention thru Job Creation” then the heart wrenching visit to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies. Our team together experienced highs and lows that knit us closer together. We’ve laughed and cried today and it has been wonderful. We all see God at work in Haiti, in us and through us, for His glory! -Sharon L.