Friday, March 8, 2019

Mesi Jezi! Thank you Jesus!

What a mix of physical and emotional activities today! We began our day with 6:00 worship at Church on the Rock. It was so inspiring to see the Haitians worship with so much passion and love for our God. And they do this every day! Even with so many needs their thanks to Jesus is endless!

After being inspired we began our day with 2 water truck stops. We found the water truck stops particularly challenging with a small team of just 6 people. There was such demand for help carrying the water but also so many children that wanted our attention.

We were able to take a break at Hope and saw the new technology pod, sewing pod and clinic. What amazing facilities and new resources for Cite Soleil. The people of Cite Soleil are being blessed by these additions and slowly but surely they can improve their lives.

Our day ended with a visit to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies which primarily serves children in all stages of malnutrition and the medical complications that results from that. We were blessed to be able to feed some of the toddlers and spend time playing with them. The most difficult part is the leaving. We shower them with love and then we leave so soon! Our hearts break as they cried when we left.

We haven't mentioned it in our blog yet, but each day ends with "pit time" when we come together as a team to reflect on our day, share how God is working through us during this experience, and just laughing together. With only 6 people on our team, we may be small but we are mighty in His name!

Mesi Jezi! Thank you Jesus!