Saturday, January 27, 2018

Friday- Woodridge

Raegan- friend
Lola- community
Tracy- reunion
Jen- gifts
Buck- gate, garbage
Ashlynn- healing
Trinity- bold
Ben- courage
Annette- frog
Corrina- blessed
Kim- refueled

Shannon- emotion

Today we went to Carrefort, a home for sick and dying adults. The drive there was long and dusty.  I sat in the front and talked to Lisa and Daryval, our driver and a friend, about Haiti and what is is like to live here permanently.  I learned a lot from both of them. Everyone else was riding in the back of the tap tap and they were “tap tap surfing “. It’s were you have to stand up and balance while going over the bumpy Haitian roads. Once we arrived at Carrefort, the boys and the girls split up. Ben and Buck brought their instruments for the elderly men. We coulda hear it from the second floor and sounded amazing. Trinity prayed for the men. When the girls were upstairs, we rubbed lotion on the ladies and painted their nails. Kim was the most bold and relaxed while hanging out with the ladies. It made us feel more comfortable. At first they all were very quite and didn’t want to interact with us. Annette started a game of charades called “ guess that animal noise” and she acted out every animal we could think of. Soon all the ladies were screaming the animal names in Creole and they all were laughing and had smiles on their faces. Once we left Carrefort, we made our way to an orphanage called “ La Phare”.  It is a very sweet orphanage located in or right next to Cite Soleil, where we did the water truck.   Once we were there we jumped rope. Jake, Buck, and Daryval all played Chinese jump rope. The game got intense very quickly. Jen made bracelets with the girls while Lola, Ashlynn and corrina painted the girls nails. Tracy and Shannon were reunited dream they met in June. To make it short, it was very emotional.  Tomorrow we go to Titanyen.